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    Multi-Region Replication Now Enabled for AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory

    Our customers build applications that need to serve users that live in all corners of the world. When listening to our customers, they told us that whilst they were comfortable building Active Directory (AD) aware applications on AWS, making them work globally can be a real challenge. Customers told us that AWS Directory Service for […] [Read More]

    Introducing Amazon S3 Storage Lens – Organization-wide Visibility Into Object Storage

    When starting out in the cloud, a customer’s storage requirements might consist of a handful of S3 buckets, but as they grow, migrate more applications and realize the power of the cloud, things can become more complicated. A customer may have tens or even hundreds of accounts and have multiple S3 buckets across numerous AWS […] [Read More]

    AWS Network Firewall – New Managed Firewall Service in VPC

    Our customers want to have a high availability, scalable firewall service to protect their virtual networks in the cloud. Security is the number one priority of AWS, which has provided various firewall capabilities on AWS that address specific security needs, like Security Groups to protect Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, Network ACLs to protect […] [Read More]

    Lightsail Containers: An Easy Way to Run your Containers in the Cloud

    When I am delivering an introduction to the AWS Cloud for developers, I usually spend a bit of time to mention and to demonstrate Amazon Lightsail. It is by far the easiest way to get started on AWS. It allows you to get your application running on your own virtual server in a matter of […] [Read More]

    Meet the newest AWS Heroes including the first DevTools Heroes!

    The AWS Heroes program recognizes individuals from around the world who have extensive AWS knowledge and go above and beyond to share their expertise with others. The program continues to grow, to better recognize the most influential community leaders across a variety of technical disciplines. Introducing AWS DevTools Heroes Today we are introducing AWS DevTools […] [Read More]

The path to the perfect support

For most people: hosting is not a service, it is a burden. By order of priority, the best hosting:

  1. does not require any action from them (no need for support)
  2. is cheap
  3. is fast

This is why we are keeping the human interaction with the customers to a minimum, whether they have a shared hosting plan or an instance support plan. Most customers do not care if you have just patched their system: they just want a server that works all the time.

There are only two kinds of support in the hosting industry:

  1. unplanned support: on request (emergency or not), and it requires an action from the customer, sometimes even many follow-up ;
  2. planned support: this type of support is silent, it is triggered with alarms and the customer does not have to do anything.

The second type of support above that will ultimately replace the first one. Hosting is not like software: you do not need a documentation to use it, because hosting is not a tool, it is consumed just like an internet access or electricity.

What would the perfect support look like?

It is simply be a proactive support: a support that is working behind the scenes and would proactively do the work even before a customer raises a ticket. This is exactly what we do. Information are given to the customer only when requested to do so. The customer on one hand and the support team on the other hand are both saving a huge amount of time. 👍


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