Month: March 2019 - the blog of Quantum Hosting®

Own your own server

Shared hosting is great to start and reduce the costs of hosting: you share a server with many other customers, and each customer is paying a slice of the server. However at some stage your website becomes so: big, successful, and popular that you have outgrown a shared hosting service. This is when you can… read more »

Get free subdomains !

We offer free subdomains of: ! To get your free .IE subdomain, simply register here. Once registered, go into “Registry”, then search for “” and pick up the name you want! 👍 You will then be able to: managed DNS or NS servers, make redirects, or cloak your website. It is a great (and… read more »

The horror story of the .hosting domain extension

The “.hosting” domain extension was launched on November 25, 2014 by Uniregistry® with a starting price of US$30. In August 2017: the domain price increased to US$300 (+1000%)… While this case is extreme, it is not isolated, the same company (Uniregistry®) increased the price of other extensions: .AUDIO from $9.33 to $100.00.BLACKFRIDAY from $26.67 to… read more »

Let’s Encrypt® on cPanel® with CloudFlare®

If the CloudFlare® CDN is activated on the domain: Let’s Encrypt® will be unable to run and renew the SSL certificate on the cPanel® server. This is problematic, especially because Let’s Encrypt® checks the IPv6 record too (and is not able to verify the domain if the server has no IPv6). However there is a… read more »

Servers that cannot scale

The majority of web hosting companies (the old generation) are selling the belief that their customers are able to upgrade their plan at any moment. However if you think about it: it is not possible, because when a server is built or assembled, it has a certain capacity and limit. Usually the hosting companies just… read more »