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    I recently wrote a post to announce the availability of M6g, R6g and C6g families of instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). These instances offer better cost-performance ratio than their x86 counterparts. They are based on AWS-designed AWS Graviton2 processors, utilizing 64-bit Arm Neoverse N1 cores. Starting today, you can also benefit from better […] [Read More]

    After the last Redis 5.0 compatibility for Amazon ElastiCache, there has been lots of improvements to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis including upstream supports such as 5.0.6. Earlier this year, we announced Global Datastore for Redis that lets you replicate a cluster in one region to clusters in up to two other regions. Recently we improved […] [Read More]

    Since 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been helping millions of customers build and manage their IT workloads. From startups to large enterprises to public sector, organizations of all sizes use our cloud computing services to reach unprecedented levels of security, resiliency, and scalability. Every day, they’re able to experiment, innovate, and deploy to production […] [Read More]

    A year or so after we launched Amazon S3, I was in an elevator at a tech conference and heard a couple of developers use “just throw it into S3” as the answer to their data storage challenge. I remember that moment well because the comment was made so casually, and it was one of […] [Read More]

    Time series are a very common data format that describes how things change over time. Some of the most common sources are industrial machines and IoT devices, IT infrastructure stacks (such as hardware, software, and networking components), and applications that share their results over time. Managing time series data efficiently is not easy because the […] [Read More]

March, 2019 | the blog of Quantum Hosting®

Own your own server

Shared hosting is great to start and reduce the costs of hosting: you share a server with many other customers, and each customer is paying a slice of the server. However at some stage your website becomes so: big, successful, and popular that you have outgrown a shared hosting service. This is when you can… read more »

Get free subdomains !

We offer free subdomains of: ! To get your free .IE subdomain, simply register here. Once registered, go into “Registry”, then search for “” and pick up the name you want! 👍 You will then be able to: managed DNS or NS servers, make redirects, or cloak your website. It is a great (and… read more »

The horror story of the .hosting domain extension

The “.hosting” domain extension was launched on November 25, 2014 by Uniregistry® with a starting price of US$30. In August 2017: the domain price increased to US$300 (+1000%)… While this case is extreme, it is not isolated, the same company (Uniregistry®) increased the price of other extensions: .AUDIO from $9.33 to $100.00.BLACKFRIDAY from $26.67 to… read more »

Let’s Encrypt® on cPanel® with CloudFlare®

If the CloudFlare® CDN is activated on the domain: Let’s Encrypt® will be unable to run and renew the SSL certificate on the cPanel® server. This is problematic, especially because Let’s Encrypt® checks the IPv6 record too (and is not able to verify the domain if the server has no IPv6). However there is a… read more » offering lifetime domains for less than US$260

It is great to know that offers some lifetime domains for less than US$260! Pay once and be done with it forever. The extensions are: .TF .TEL .COM.ES .IN .IND.IN .NET.PL Buy a lifetime domain now! Other extensions are available, but the price is higher.

Servers that cannot scale

The majority of web hosting companies (the old generation) are selling the belief that their customers are able to upgrade their plan at any moment. However if you think about it: it is not possible, because when a server is built or assembled, it has a certain capacity and limit. Usually the hosting companies just… read more »