Month: October 2018 - the blog of Quantum Hosting®

The new image format: WebP

A customer just deployed the new image format: WebP. Unfortunately: it is not supported by many browsers (as of today), including the Apple desktops & devices using Safari. While the savings of file size is more than 20% against TinyPNG, the backward compatibility is really more important. So we will have have to wait some more… read more »

There are 1,578 top-level domains

It is time to talk about domain name. The data here is correct as of today: 19 October 2018. The number of top-level domains keeps growing year by year. There are 1,578 top-level domains, of which 312 are country-code. Within those 312 country-codes, 19 of them are considered generic by Google: .ad .as .bz .cc… read more »