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How WordPress killed the open source applications

Recently OpenSource application for Images Gallery was reviewed, and the best one was simply: a WordPress plugin! WordPress killed all open source applications. Or more precisely: WordPress gave the minimum framework for new applications. So if you are looking for a not so sophisticated application: look no further than a WordPress plugin!

Failure to sell: when your server goes down

There are still so many websites going down because they have a high influx of visitors at once: an agency fails to provide results to exam takers 2020 Tokyo Olympic games ticket sale There is nothing to be ashamed of, even the biggest player crashed too! The ability to plan and scale in advance is… read more »

How to pick the country of your hosting

Because we are offering hosting in 18 countries, we are now often asked: Which country should I pick for my hosting?… While we cannot answer it for your case, we can give you the framework to find an answer yourself. There are three important factors to understand today: everything is about speed ; privacy laws… read more »

18 countries for your hosting

With cloud hosting it is now easy to pick the country of your server! We are currently offering 18 countries: Ireland Germany France The Netherlands The United Kingdom Switzerland Belgium Finland Canada The USA Brazil India Hong Kong Japan Korea Taiwan Singapore Australia

CloudLinux OS is too slow

CloudLinux OS has been invented to throttle (down) the speed of a server, by limiting the maximum CPU amount an account can use. This is was relevant before (when PHP-FPM did not exist) but today it became completely useless. Overall it is even worse: the CPU time used by CloudLinux OS is even slowing down… read more »

Become your own hosting company

Recently we advised a customer whom was paying US$600 per month for: a server hosting 1 single website (although very popular), and a newsletter with 50,000 subscribers. This was a huge amount: US$7,200 per year! Our solution was very simple: the customer had to sign-up to a cloud provider (Amazon AWS® or Google Cloud™) and… read more »

Own your own server

Shared hosting is great to start and reduce the costs of hosting: you share a server with many other customers, and each customer is paying a slice of the server. However at some stage your website becomes so: big, successful, and popular that you have outgrown a shared hosting service. This is when you can… read more »

Get free my.qh.ie subdomains !

We offer free subdomains of: my.qh.ie ! To get your free .IE subdomain, simply register here. Once registered, go into “Registry”, then search for “qh.ie” and pick up the name you want! 👍 You will then be able to: managed DNS or NS servers, make redirects, or cloak your website. It is a great (and… read more »

The horror story of the .hosting domain extension

The “.hosting” domain extension was launched on November 25, 2014 by Uniregistry® with a starting price of US$30. In August 2017: the domain price increased to US$300 (+1000%)… While this case is extreme, it is not isolated, the same company (Uniregistry®) increased the price of other extensions: .AUDIO from $9.33 to $100.00.BLACKFRIDAY from $26.67 to… read more »

Let’s Encrypt® on cPanel® with CloudFlare®

If the CloudFlare® CDN is activated on the domain: Let’s Encrypt® will be unable to run and renew the SSL certificate on the cPanel® server. This is problematic, especially because Let’s Encrypt® checks the IPv6 record too (and is not able to verify the domain if the server has no IPv6). However there is a… read more »