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Sự nguy hiểm của trang 404 tùy chỉnh

One customer running a single WordPress was using a 4x vCPUs instance on Amazon AWS®. But the CPU and load usage were so high, with no apparent reasons (the number of visitors was reasonable). Tuy nhiên: each 404 triggered a huge CPU and bandwidth consumption! A test was conducted and the 404 was replaced by aread more »

Phát hiện sai của Amazon AWS®

This is the CPU monitoring usage on an EC2 instance in Ireland (t3a.xlarge). Two things to notice:-the graph has an average of 40% of white background (it does not reach the full 400% CPU height)-there was a maximum of 46% CPU stealwhich is the red part (this should not be above 2%).In total:… read more »

Xiếc tại Amazon AWS® vẫn tiếp tục!

Amazon AWS® blocks outgoing port 25 on any new EC2® instance, and requires to use Amazon SES®. So you enable Amazon SES® and this is what they reply instantly: In which world emailspermission needs to be granted? Isn’t email a basic internet service? Is it something so spectacular at Amazon AWS®? The idiots thatread more »

Giới hạn (và nguy hiểm) của YunoHost

YunoHost is a great applications manager! It is not only free but also very fast: in a few clicks you have installed a complete application! It is becoming an increasing competitor to Softaculous and even WHM/cPanel. If you are an application developer: you can reach new customers and new users by deploying your software throughread more »

Amazon FBA thậm chí còn tệ hơn

Amazon rơi tự do, nó không chỉ là dịch vụ AWS của họ, nhưng bộ máy trung tâm người bán của họ cũng vậy: Chúng tôi bắt đầu, một công ty tỷ đô la và họ không thể đưa ra một liên kết thích hợp: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/mario/inpvMeeting/appointment/global?mons_sel_locale=en_US returns: Những gì khác cần phải được nói?… Ồ vâng: nó mất trung bình 20 days to become aread more »

Hành trình đóng tài khoản Amazon AWS®

Even if you close your Amazon AWS® account: your EC2 reserved instances will continue to be billed (that is nice!). However you can register as a seller on the Amazon AWS® marketplace to sell your EC2 reserved instances. There is a requirement for this: to enter a US bank account. This can be achievable: especiallyread more »

8 số ngày để Amazon AWS® cho phép các email gửi đi

It took 8 days for Amazon AWS® to allow emails flowing out of the server. They did not want to unblock the port 25 and forced the usage of Amazon SES® upon their new customer. Not only that: but it took 2 days to switch Amazon SES® from sandbox to production. They have more thanread more »

Đã đến lúc rời khỏi Amazon AWS®!

That is too much: you think you enjoy your Amazon AWS® EC2 instance that you are paying each hour?… You are not: Amazon AWS® refuses to open the port 25. Amazon AWS® was supposed to give productivity and time gains to its customers, now you are just wasting their time. You cannot force your customersread more »

Amazon AWS® đang trở thành một nỗi đau

Thanks to our support service many new customers are converted to Amazon AWS® every month. However a new painful feature from Amazon AWS® is to block outgoing port 25 on EC2 instances. This can usually be lifted within 48 hours of completing a request form. After 3 requests, the same answer came back: “Rejected“, withread more »

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