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Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook) filed a lawsuit against Freenom

On March 3rd, 2023: Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook) filed a lawsuit against Freenom for trademark infringement, facilitating cybercrimes, false designation of origin. This is due to the tsunami of phishing websites using the .TK, .ML, .GQ, .GA, and .CF ccTLDs. The lawsuit reveals a pattern to abuse Fortune 500’s trademarks by concealing WHOIS details (despiteLees verder »

De beste hosting voor Laravel

Laravel needs full control of all PHP settings and parameters. In other words: if your web hosting environment is too restrictive, and Laravel will not run and produce errors such as: or It is extremely important to have an unrestricted web hosting company for your needs. At Quantum Hosting® we thrive at serving you.

Het gevaar van een aangepaste 404-pagina

One customer running a single WordPress was using a 4x vCPUs instance on Amazon AWS®. But the CPU and load usage were so high, with no apparent reasons (the number of visitors was reasonable). Echter: each 404 triggered a huge CPU and bandwidth consumption! A test was conducted and the 404 was replaced by aLees verder »

Amazon AWS® slechte ontdekking

This is the CPU monitoring usage on an EC2 instance in Ireland (t3a.xlarge). Two things to notice:-the graph has an average of 40% of white background (it does not reach the full 400% CPU height)-there was a maximum of 46% CPU stealwhich is the red part (this should not be above 2%).In total:… Lees verder »

Het circus bij Amazon AWS® gaat door!

Amazon AWS® blocks outgoing port 25 on any new EC2® instance, and requires to use Amazon SES®. So you enable Amazon SES® and this is what they reply instantly: In which world emailspermission needs to be granted? Isn’t email a basic internet service? Is it something so spectacular at Amazon AWS®? The idiots thatLees verder »

De limieten (en gevaren) van YunoHost

YunoHost is a great applications manager! It is not only free but also very fast: in a few clicks you have installed a complete application! It is becoming an increasing competitor to Softaculous and even WHM/cPanel. If you are an application developer: you can reach new customers and new users by deploying your software throughLees verder »

Amazon FBA is nog erger

Amazon is in free fall, it is not only their AWS service, but their seller central apparatus too: Here we go, a billion dollar company and they are not able to give a proper link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/mario/inpvMeeting/appointment/global?mons_sel_locale=en_US returns: What else needs to be said?… Oh yes: it takes an average of 20 days to become aLees verder »

De reis om een ​​Amazon AWS®-account te sluiten

Zelfs als u uw Amazon AWS®-account sluit: uw EC2 gereserveerde instanties worden gefactureerd (dat is leuk!). U kunt zich echter als verkoper registreren op de Amazon AWS®-marktplaats om uw door EC2 gereserveerde instanties te verkopen. Hier is een vereiste voor: een Amerikaanse bankrekening invoeren. Dit kan haalbaar zijn: vooral… Lees verder »

8 dagen voor Amazon AWS® om uitgaande e-mails toe te staan

Het koste 8 dagen voor Amazon AWS® om e-mails van de server te laten stromen. Ze wilden de poort niet deblokkeren 25 en dwongen het gebruik van Amazon SES® aan hun nieuwe klant. Niet alleen dat: maar het duurde 2 dagen om Amazon SES® over te schakelen van sandbox naar productie. Ze hebben meer dan… Lees verder »