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The OpenVZ® IPv6 bug that is costing hosting companies millions

OpenVZ® is a virtualization software from a company called Virtuozzo. It is popular with hosting companies (because it is cheap), and it gives the ability to sell VPS. Typically an offer will include a limit on the bandwidth (for example: “1TB/month traffic”). However there is a little dirty secret that most hosting companies do notread more »

sandstorm.io 리뷰

Sandstorm.io is a manager of self-hosted applications. Managers of self-hosted applications are getting a huge interest lately. Quantum Hosting® has tried sandstorm.io for you. It was installed on this server: The installation is eating all the RAM and swap file and the server is not responding during 8 minutes. Once you recover control of theread more »

Binance.com의 서버는 어디에 있습니까??

Binance.com은 매우 논란이 많은 비즈니스입니다.: 누군가를 위한 사기, 또는 타인을 위한 최고의 암호화폐 거래 플랫폼. 하지만 Binance.com의 서버는 어디에 있습니까??… 그들의 도메인 이름은 해당 NS 서버에 (오늘의로): They are using Amazon AWS Route 53 서비스! 반환된 IP 주소는 (오늘의로): Those IP addressesread more »

AWS 청구서를 줄이는 방법 20% 곧

AWS announced back in December 2020 that they have a new SSD type of drive for EBS (Elastic Block Storage) called: gp3. You can cut your EBS bill by 20% if you are currently using the gp2 type. The magnetic type still remains the cheapest. Transition is easy and without any downtime. If you haveread more »

CloudFlare® 중단: 솔루션 및 대안

Too big to fail does not apply in the world of servers. Regardless of your provider you need to have redundancy to achieve 100% uptime. It is all about avoiding the single point of failure. CloudFlare® is down?! It’s impossible! The outage has been a reality for many during half an hour. If you runread more »

이것이 무료 CloudFlare® 플랜 및 프록시의 끝입니다.

CloudFlare és una empresa d’alta tecnologia innovadora a nivell DNS i SSL. Quan utilitzeu el seu servei de proxy, un servidor de vora CloudFlare® es posarà entre el vostre servidor i els vostres visitants, tal com es mostra en aquest diagrama a continuació: Aquest servidor de vora utilitzava un certificat SSL emès per a nomsread more »

이것이 CloudFlare의 무료 플랜 및 프록시의 끝입니다.

CloudFlare е компанија за високо-технолошки иновации на ниво на DNS и SSL. Кога ја користите нивната прокси услуга, серверот CloudFlare® edge ќе седне помеѓу вашиот сервер и вашите посетители, како што е прикажано на овој дијаграм подолу: Службеникот користеше SSL сертификат издаден за име на име на име: sni1234567.cloudflaressl.com Оваа универзална политика за SSL имашеread more »

이것은 CloudFlare® 무료 플랜 및 프록시의 끝입니다.

CloudFlareце високотехнологічна компанія, що інновація на рівні DNS та SSL. Коли ви користуєтесь їх проксі-сервісом, між вашим сервером та відвідувачами розташується крайовий сервер CloudFlare®, як показано на цій схемі нижче: Цей крайовий сервер використовував сертифікат SSL, виданий для імен хостів, таких як: sni1234567.cloudflaressl.com Ця політика універсального SSL мала наслідком приведення шифрування SSL доread more »