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The limits (and dangers) of YunoHost

YunoHost is a great applications manager! It is not only free but also very fast: in a few clicks you have installed a complete application! It is becoming an increasing competitor to Softaculous and even WHM/cPanel. If you are an application developer: you can reach new customers and new users by deploying your software throughread more »

Amazon FBA is even worse

Amazon is in free fall, it is not only their AWS service, but their seller central apparatus too: Here we go, a billion dollar company and they are not able to give a proper link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/mario/inpvMeeting/appointment/global?mons_sel_locale=en_US returns: What else needs to be said?… Oh yes: it takes an average of 20 days to become aread more »

Amazon AWS® اڪائونٽ بند ڪرڻ جو سفر

Even if you close your Amazon AWS® account: your EC2 reserved instances will continue to be billed (that is nice!). However you can register as a seller on the Amazon AWS® marketplace to sell your EC2 reserved instances. There is a requirement for this: to enter a US bank account. This can be achievable: especiallyread more »

اهو Amazon AWS® ڇڏڻ جو وقت آهي!

That is too much: you think you enjoy your Amazon AWS® EC2 instance that you are paying each hour?… You are not: Amazon AWS® refuses to open the port 25. Amazon AWS® was supposed to give productivity and time gains to its customers, now you are just wasting their time. You cannot force your customersread more »

Amazon AWS® هڪ درد بڻجي رهيو آهي

Thanks to our support service many new customers are converted to Amazon AWS® every month. However a new painful feature from Amazon AWS® is to block outgoing port 25 on EC2 instances. This can usually be lifted within 48 hours of completing a request form. After 3 requests, the same answer came back: “Rejected“, withread more »

بلاڪچين ٽيڪنالاجي نئين ناهي

People eat myths and lies like never before. You just have to repeat a false mantra one thousand times: once you get the lie spread and being repeated by others you have won. The number one lie about the blockchain technology is that it is new. Yet it is simply a W.O.R.M. database: Write Onceread more »

فرينوم® کان ڊومين کي ڪيئن بحال ڪجي

I have talked already about Freenom® previously: if they mark your domain as FRAUD and cancel it, توھان ھي ڏسندا WHOIS ۾: توھان جو چونڊيو ڊومين نالو ھڪڙو ڊومين نالو آھي جيڪو منسوخ ڪيو ويو آھي, معطل, refused or reserved at the Registry If you try to register your domain it will say “دستياب ناهي”…. read more »

sandstorm.io جو هڪ جائزو

Sandstorm.io is a manager of self-hosted applications. Managers of self-hosted applications are getting a huge interest lately. Quantum Hosting® has tried sandstorm.io for you. It was installed on this server: The installation is eating all the RAM and swap file and the server is not responding during 8 minutes. Once you recover control of theread more »