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Amazon FBA is even worse

Amazon is in free fall, it is not only their AWS service, but their seller central apparatus too: Here we go, a billion dollar company and they are not able to give a proper link: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/mario/inpvMeeting/appointment/global?mons_sel_locale=en_US returns: What else needs to be said?… Oh yes: it takes an average of 20 days to become aread more »

დროა დატოვოთ Amazon AWS®!

That is too much: you think you enjoy your Amazon AWS® EC2 instance that you are paying each hour?… You are not: Amazon AWS® refuses to open the port 25. Amazon AWS® was supposed to give productivity and time gains to its customers, now you are just wasting their time. You cannot force your customersread more »

Amazon AWS® ხდება ტკივილი

Thanks to our support service many new customers are converted to Amazon AWS® every month. However a new painful feature from Amazon AWS® is to block outgoing port 25 on EC2 instances. This can usually be lifted within 48 hours of completing a request form. After 3 requests, the same answer came back: “Rejected“, withread more »

SolusVM IPv6 შეცდომა, რომელიც ჰოსტინგ კომპანიებს მილიონებს უჯდება

SolusVM is a virtualization software from a company called Plesk. It is popular with hosting companies (because it is cheap), and it gives the ability to manage VPS. Typically an offer will include a limit on the bandwidth (for example: “1TB/month traffic”). However there is a little dirty secret that most hosting companies do notread more »

Sandstorm.io- ს მიმოხილვა

Sandstorm.io is a manager of self-hosted applications. Managers of self-hosted applications are getting a huge interest lately. Quantum Hosting® has tried sandstorm.io for you. It was installed on this server: The installation is eating all the RAM and swap file and the server is not responding during 8 minutes. Once you recover control of theread more »

სად მდებარეობს Binance.com– ის სერვერები?

Binance.com არის ძალიან საკამათო ბიზნესი: ზოგისთვის თაღლითობა, ან საუკეთესო კრიპტოვალუტის სავაჭრო პლატფორმა სხვებისთვის. მაგრამ სად მდებარეობს Binance.com– ის სერვერები?… მათი დომენის სახელი იძლევა იმ NS სერვერებს (დღევანდელი მდგომარეობით): They are using Amazon AWS Route 53 მომსახურება! დაბრუნდა IP მისამართები (დღევანდელი მდგომარეობით): Those IP addressesread more »

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