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The blockchain technology is not new

People eat myths and lies like never before. You just have to repeat a false mantra one thousand times: once you get the lie spread and being repeated by others you have won. The number one lie about the blockchain technology is that it is new. Yet it is simply a W.O.R.M. database: Write Onceread more »

How to recover a domain from Freenom®

I have talked already about Freenom® previously: if they mark your domain as FRAUD and cancel it, you will see this in the WHOIS: Your selected domain name is a domain name that has been cancelled, suspended, refused or reserved at the Registry If you try to register your domain it will sayNot available”…. read more »

The OpenVZ® IPv6 bug that is costing hosting companies millions

OpenVZ® is a virtualization software from a company called Virtuozzo. It is popular with hosting companies (because it is cheap), and it gives the ability to sell VPS. Typically an offer will include a limit on the bandwidth (for example: “1TB/month traffic”). However there is a little dirty secret that most hosting companies do notread more »

Sandstorm.io- ს მიმოხილვა

Sandstorm.io is a manager of self-hosted applications. Managers of self-hosted applications are getting a huge interest lately. Quantum Hosting® has tried sandstorm.io for you. It was installed on this server: The installation is eating all the RAM and swap file and the server is not responding during 8 minutes. Once you recover control of theread more »

სად მდებარეობს Binance.com– ის სერვერები?

Binance.com არის ძალიან საკამათო ბიზნესი: ზოგისთვის თაღლითობა, ან საუკეთესო კრიპტოვალუტის სავაჭრო პლატფორმა სხვებისთვის. მაგრამ სად მდებარეობს Binance.com– ის სერვერები?… მათი დომენის სახელი იძლევა იმ NS სერვერებს (დღევანდელი მდგომარეობით): They are using Amazon AWS Route 53 მომსახურება! დაბრუნდა IP მისამართები (დღევანდელი მდგომარეობით): Those IP addressesread more »

როგორ დაზოგოთ 600 აშშ დოლარზე მეტი თვეში AWS® Transfer Family– ს გამოყენებით?

AWS® Transfer Family is the new service from Amazon AWS® to access S3® via FTP, FTPS and SFTP. Unfortunately the cost per month for the 3 protocols is over US$600 per monthPlus: additional upload and download costs arenot included! Do not use AWS Transfer Family! Says Quantum Hosting® There are many gateways alternative startingread more »

ეს არის უფასო CloudFlare® გეგმისა და მარიონეტის დასასრული

CloudFlare és una empresa d’alta tecnologia innovadora a nivell DNS i SSL. Quan utilitzeu el seu servei de proxy, un servidor de vora CloudFlare® es posarà entre el vostre servidor i els vostres visitants, tal com es mostra en aquest diagrama a continuació: Aquest servidor de vora utilitzava un certificat SSL emès per a nomsread more »

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