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El mejor hosting para Laravel

Laravel needs full control of all PHP settings and parameters. In other words: if your web hosting environment is too restrictive, and Laravel will not run and produce errors such as: or It is extremely important to have an unrestricted web hosting company for your needs. At Quantum Hosting® we thrive at serving you.

El peligro de una página 404 personalizada

One customer running a single WordPress was using a 4x vCPUs instance on Amazon AWS®. But the CPU and load usage were so high, with no apparent reasons (the number of visitors was reasonable). Sin embargo: each 404 triggered a huge CPU and bandwidth consumption! A test was conducted and the 404 was replaced by aLee mas »

Mal descubrimiento de Amazon AWS®

This is the CPU monitoring usage on an EC2 instance in Ireland (t3a.xlarge). Two things to notice:-the graph has an average of 40% of white background (it does not reach the full 400% CPU height)-there was a maximum of 46% CPU stealwhich is the red part (this should not be above 2%).In total:… Lee mas »

El circo en Amazon AWS® continúa!

Amazon AWS® blocks outgoing port 25 on any new EC2® instance, and requires to use Amazon SES®. So you enable Amazon SES® and this is what they reply instantly: In which world emailspermission needs to be granted? Isn’t email a basic internet service? Is it something so spectacular at Amazon AWS®? The idiots thatLee mas »

Los limites (y peligros) de YunoHost

YunoHost is a great applications manager! It is not only free but also very fast: in a few clicks you have installed a complete application! It is becoming an increasing competitor to Softaculous and even WHM/cPanel. If you are an application developer: you can reach new customers and new users by deploying your software throughLee mas »

Amazon FBA es aún peor

Amazon está en caída libre, no es solo su servicio de AWS, pero su aparato central vendedor también: Aquí vamos, una empresa de mil millones de dólares y no pueden dar un enlace adecuado: returns: Que mas hay que decir?… Oh sí: toma un promedio de 20 days to become aLee mas »

El viaje para cerrar una cuenta de Amazon AWS®

Incluso si cierra su cuenta de Amazon AWS®: sus instancias reservadas de EC2 se seguirán facturando (Eso es bueno!). Sin embargo, puede registrarse como vendedor en el mercado de Amazon AWS® para vender sus instancias reservadas de EC2. Hay un requisito para esto: para ingresar a una cuenta bancaria de EE. UU.. Esto se puede lograr: especialmente… Lee mas »

Es hora de dejar Amazon AWS®!

Eso es demasiado: cree que disfruta de su instancia Amazon AWS® EC2 que está pagando cada hora?… Usted no: Amazon AWS® se niega a abrir el puerto 25. Se suponía que Amazon AWS® daría ganancias de productividad y tiempo a sus clientes, ahora solo les estas haciendo perder el tiempo. No puedes obligar a tus clientes… Lee mas »

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