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AlibabaCloud DirectMail: how to lift the 5 domains limit

AlibabaCloud provides a DirectMail service (equivalent to Amazon SES)! SMTP or API can be used to send either batched emails (mailing-list) or triggered emails (order confirmation, ticket system, etc). It is low cost: the unit price is $0.29 USD per 1,000 messages with discounts available from 50,000 messages per month. But the cherry on theчытаць далей »

Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook) filed a lawsuit against Freenom

On March 3rd, 2023: Meta Inc. (formerly Facebook) filed a lawsuit against Freenom for trademark infringement, facilitating cybercrimes, false designation of origin. This is due to the tsunami of phishing websites using the .TK, .ML, .GQ, .GA, and .CF ccTLDs. The lawsuit reveals a pattern to abuse Fortune 500’s trademarks by concealing WHOIS details (despiteчытаць далей »

The best hosting for Laravel

Laravel needs full control of all PHP settings and parameters. In other words: if your web hosting environment is too restrictive, and Laravel will not run and produce errors such as: or It is extremely important to have an unrestricted web hosting company for your needs. At Quantum Hosting® we thrive at serving you.

Слова выходзіць: кампаніі пачынаюць пакідаць Amazon AWS® і Google Cloud®

In a must-read article by David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of Basecamp explains: Why they’re leaving the cloud. Quantum Hosting® has been very vocal about the so-calledpromise of simplificationwhile Amazon AWS® is blocking the port 25 for any new customerNot having the simple ability to send emails from your own EC2 instanceчытаць далей »

Дрэннае адкрыццё Amazon AWS®

This is the CPU monitoring usage on an EC2 instance in Ireland (t3a.xlarge). Two things to notice:-the graph has an average of 40% of white background (it does not reach the full 400% CPU height)-there was a maximum of 46% CPU stealwhich is the red part (this should not be above 2%).In total:… чытаць далей »

Цырк на Amazon AWS® працягваецца!

Amazon AWS® blocks outgoing port 25 on any new EC2® instance, and requires to use Amazon SES®. So you enable Amazon SES® and this is what they reply instantly: In which world emailspermission needs to be granted? Isn’t email a basic internet service? Is it something so spectacular at Amazon AWS®? The idiots thatчытаць далей »

Amazon FBA яшчэ горш

Amazon знаходзіцца ў вольным падзенні, гэта не толькі іх сэрвіс AWS, але і цэнтральны апарат іх прадаўца таксама: Вось і пайшлі, кампанія коштам у мільярд долараў, і яны не могуць даць правільную спасылку: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/mario/inpvMeeting/appointment/global?mons_sel_locale=en_US returns: Што яшчэ трэба сказаць?… о так: гэта займае ў сярэднім 20 days to become aчытаць далей »

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