CloudLinux does not want to serve you

How long do you need to properly serve your customer?..

Back in July 2022 CloudLinux announced that they will support Ubuntu® OS. After 1.5 years you would think that this announcement would be well completed… so an AWS EC2 instance was started only to run into this error regarding the kmodlve module:

Errors occurred during conversion process

It’s the kernel, stupid~

After opening a ticket, the CloudLinux’ support said something surprising:

The issue seems to be occurring because the kernel you are using is provided by a Cloud Pletform, looks like AWS. The module kmodlve supports only standard Linux-generic kernels. Please try booting into a standard Ubuntu kernel instead. 

What?!… It has to be said: the running OS is Ubuntu® 20. What kernel function in the generic kernel isn’t available in the AWS kernel that Ubuntu® themselves prepared for AWS and are performance-related?…

And the CloudLinux support to add:

For any suggestions or detailed feedback, we encourage our users to share their thoughts through our feature request platform at

OK, let’s switch to a generic kernel then… Oh no, same error:

Errors occurred during conversion process

The logical conclusion to this is that their installation script is faulty/buggy REGARDLESS of the kernel!…

CloudLinux remains in the clouds~

Do you think they will be ashamed and try to fix it as soon as possible (in order to collect their license fee and serve their customers?…) No! Here is the CloudLinux’ support’s insight about this:

At present, our Support is focused on the kernel version that is shipped with Ubuntu at the time of release. This approach ensures compatibility and stability for our users within the currently supported framework. We recognize the potential that broader support might bring and the importance of continuously assessing our compatibility strategies. While we may not be able to fulfill your request right away, I assure you that your feedback has been noted and will be considered as we plan future updates. 
For any suggestions or detailed feedback, we encourage our users to share their thoughts through our feature request platform at This platform helps Product Managers prioritize developments based on user input. We're committed to providing the best possible solutions within our scope of support, and we truly appreciate your understanding and input in this matter.

Talking about kernel: no wonder AlmaLinux is full of bugs…. Tests have been conducted with the exact same hardware (they will not be published here), and the networking performance of AlmaLinux is very poor (if not completely faulty) as it is creating a lot of IRQs, crippling the CPU.

This is the take away for you, the current reader: Ubuntu® 20 is preferred (if you do not need to use CloudLinux).

Attached documents:

CloudLinux support ticket – page 1

CloudLinux support ticket – page 2