Month: September 2018 - the blog of Quantum Hosting®

WHM/cPanel licenses price should be the same

The price of a cPanel license for a dedicated server is more than twice of that virtual server. While this price difference cannot be explained (it could be for the support of the non standard hardware?), some hosting companies have noticed this and to lower their cost they are installing a virtualization layer on their… read more »

Hosting horror story

It is always easy to find a cheaper hosting company, but there is a ceiling to how low it can go before compromising either: the uptime or your data. This is a TRUE story. Recently a (very cheap) hosting company had a disk crash: the server was offline for 6 days to go through the… read more »

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are free

It is quite amazing that some (many?) hosting companies are still charging for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, whereas those are now free: either with WHM/cPanel using Let’s Encrypt (and the renewal are free & automatic!) or using a third party like SSL For Free. The word needs to go out that SSL is not an… read more »