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    Amazon S3 Update – Strong Read-After-Write Consistency

    When we launched S3 back in 2006, I discussed its virtually unlimited capacity (“…easily store any number of blocks…”), the fact that it was designed to provide 99.99% availability, and that it offered durable storage, with data transparently stored in multiple locations. Since that launch, our customers have used S3 in an amazing diverse set […] [Read More]

    New – Amazon S3 Replication Adds Support for Multiple Destination Buckets

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) supports many types of replication, including S3 Same-Region Replication (SRR), which launched in 2019 and S3 Cross-Region Replication (CRR), which has been around since 2015. Today, we are happy to announce S3 Replication support for multiple destination buckets. S3 Replication now gives you the ability to replicate data from one […] [Read More]

    New AWS Amplify Admin UI Helps You Develop App Backends, No Cloud Experience Required

    Today AWS Amplify announces new Admin UI to configure an application backend, and manage app users and content outside the AWS console. This new feature makes it easier to use AWS services and accelerates the development and management of full-stack web and mobile apps. We launched AWS Amplify in November 2018, and since then it […] [Read More]

    Amazon EKS Distro: The Kubernetes Distribution Used by Amazon EKS

    Our customers have told us that they want to focus on building innovative solutions for their customers, and focus less on the heavy lifting of managing Kubernetes infrastructure. That is why Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has been so popular; we remove the burden of managing Kubernetes while our customers glean the benefits. However, not […] [Read More]

    AWS re:Invent: Top Announcements for 2020

    Analytics | Compute | Containers | Customer Engagement | Database | Front-end Web and Mobile | Machine Learning | Storage Last updated: 5:36 PM PST, Dec. 1. Below are the major launch and preview announcements happening at re:Invent 2020, organized by category. We’ll update this page daily over the course of the event, which takes place Nov. […] [Read More]

WHM/cPanel licenses price should be the same

The price of a cPanel license for a dedicated server is more than twice of that virtual server. While this price difference cannot be explained (it could be for the support of the non standard hardware?), some hosting companies have noticed this and to lower their cost they are installing a virtualization layer on their dedicated server… This is a terrible idea: there are now 2 Operating Systems (OS) to maintain, plus 2 kernels, and the virtualization software.

In any case: it is now cheaper and more reliable to run servers in the Cloud than dedicated servers. The question is: which Cloud provider is the best?…


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