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    New – Code Signing, a Trust and Integrity Control for AWS Lambda

    Code signing is an industry standard technique used to confirm that the code is unaltered and from a trusted publisher. Code running inside AWS Lambda functions is executed on highly hardened systems and runs in a secure manner. However, function code is susceptible to alteration as it moves through deployment pipelines that run outside AWS. […] [Read More]

    New – Multi-Factor Authentication with WebAuthn for AWS SSO

    Starting today, you can add WebAuthn as a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) to AWS Single Sign-On, in addition to currently supported one-time password (OTP) and Radius authenticators. By adding support for WebAuthn, a W3C specification developed in coordination with FIDO Alliance, you can now authenticate with a wide variety of interoperable authenticators provisioned by your […] [Read More]

    Multi-Region Replication Now Enabled for AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory

    Our customers build applications that need to serve users that live in all corners of the world. When listening to our customers, they told us that whilst they were comfortable building Active Directory (AD) aware applications on AWS, making them work globally can be a real challenge. Customers told us that AWS Directory Service for […] [Read More]

    Introducing Amazon S3 Storage Lens – Organization-wide Visibility Into Object Storage

    When starting out in the cloud, a customer’s storage requirements might consist of a handful of S3 buckets, but as they grow, migrate more applications and realize the power of the cloud, things can become more complicated. A customer may have tens or even hundreds of accounts and have multiple S3 buckets across numerous AWS […] [Read More]

    AWS Network Firewall – New Managed Firewall Service in VPC

    Our customers want to have a high availability, scalable firewall service to protect their virtual networks in the cloud. Security is the number one priority of AWS, which has provided various firewall capabilities on AWS that address specific security needs, like Security Groups to protect Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, Network ACLs to protect […] [Read More]

WHM®/cPanel® new licensing prices

The web hosting industry is only talking about it since a week! WHM®/cPanel® announced with immediate effect the following:

no more yearly license

any server having over 100 cPanel accounts will incur an additional fee of US$0.20/month/account, or US$2.40/year/account.

This does not affect any web hosting provider having an account density of less than 100 cPanel accounts per server. However: it affects all providers relying on a false economy of scale.

Let’s take an example of a provider having 1,000 cPanel accounts per server. Before the change: the licensing cost was: US$45/month. After the change the cost is now: US$45 + (1,000 – 100) x US$0.20 = US$225/month.

Affected providers will either:

  • temporarily absorb those costs (unlikely for small margin providers) ; or
  • increase their prices immediately.

We welcome this move by WHM®/cPanel® because:

  • it is fairer for WHM®/cPanel® to collect a license fee per account ;
  • it is normal that the end-user pays for the software use on a per account basis ;
  • it will finance software improvements & development in the long run ;
  • it will equalize the competition between web hosting providers ;
  • it will flush out of the market any abusive providers overloading a server with an infinite number of cPanel accounts ;
  • it will reduce the incentive to provide reseller plans into the market ;
  • it will force customers to merge cPanel accounts when necessary & avoid any waste ;
  • it will increase the competition with other control panel software.

A word of warning to all: be sure to have a backup outside of your web hosting provider on which you have full access. Some end-users and providers will be unable to financially bear the increase. You can contact us if you need any backup.



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