8 araw para sa Amazon AWS® na payagan ang mga papalabas na email

Kinuha ito 8 araw para sa Amazon AWS® na payagan ang mga email na dumaloy palabas ng server. Ayaw nilang i-unblock ang port 25 at pinilit ang paggamit ng Amazon SES® sa kanilang bagong customer. Hindi lang iyon: ngunit ito ay kinuha 2 araw upang ilipat ang Amazon SES® mula sa sandbox patungo sa produksyon.

Mayroon silang higit sa 100 services and they do not allow one basic service (email) to be available out of the box. Talking about pain relief

At least 4 hours were wasted on this issue, which cannot be billed to the end-customer. Time to send your bills to Amazon AWS® forcase management”?…

Amazon AWS® is the most expensive service out there: bandwidth and storage are hefty. It is time to switch to a low-cost model, as the world is entering in an economic recession: companies will need to cut costs.