8 Amazon AWS® 允许外发电子邮件的天数

花了 8 Amazon AWS® 允许电子邮件流出服务器的天数. 他们不想解除对港口的封锁 25 并强制他们的新客户使用 Amazon SES®. 不仅: 但它花了 2 将 Amazon SES® 从沙盒切换到生产的天数.

他们有超过 100 services and they do not allow one basic service (email) to be available out of the box. Talking about pain relief

At least 4 hours were wasted on this issue, which cannot be billed to the end-customer. Time to send your bills to Amazon AWS® forcase management”?…

Amazon AWS® is the most expensive service out there: bandwidth and storage are hefty. It is time to switch to a low-cost model, as the world is entering in an economic recession: companies will need to cut costs.