Amazon AWS® 不良发现: 过分 夸大

这是爱尔兰 EC2 实例上的 CPU 监控使用情况 (t3a.xlarge). 两件事要注意:
-the left graph has an average of 40% 白色背景 (它没有达到全部 400% 处理器高度)
-the left graph has a maximum of 46% CPU窃取 (这是红色的部分, and it should not be above 2%).
总共: a maximum of 86% CPU power is GONE.

For the avoidance of the doubt: the EC2 instance was stopped and started again around 6:30AM on the left graph, so the instance was running on a new hardware from 6:30AM. This has been done to also rule out any hardware or hypervisor problem (but it did not change anything).

Conclusion: it has been confirmed that Amazon AWS® is overselling its T-family instances since November 2022, confirmed again in March 2023, and in June 2024