Amazon AWS® 的马戏团仍在继续!

Amazon AWS® 阻止传出端口 25 在任何新的 EC2® 实例上, 并且需要使用 Amazon SES®. 因此,您启用 Amazon SES®,这就是他们立即回复的内容:


Thank you for submitting your request to increase your sending limits. We are unable to grant your request at this time because we do not have enough information about your use case.

If you can provide additional information about how you plan to use Amazon SES, we may be able to grant your request. In your response, include as much detail as you can about your email-sending processes and procedures.

For example, tell us how often you send email, how you maintain your recipient lists, and how you manage bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe requests. It is also helpful to provide examples of the email you plan to send so we can ensure that you are sending high-quality content.

You can provide this information by replying to the correspondence, in the console link below. Our team provides an initial response to your request within 24 hours. If we’re able to do so, we'll grant your request within this 24-hour period. However, if we need to obtain additional information from you, it might take longer to resolve your request.

Thank you for contacting Amazon Web Services.

在哪个世界的电子邮件’ 需要授予权限? 电子邮件不是基本的互联网服务吗? 在 Amazon AWS® 有这么壮观的东西吗??

The idiots that are paying for a service per hour need to be aware that Amazon AWS® is way above the clouds for emails.


花了 3 days for AWS® to activate the SES® service!