Ordet er ute: selskaper begynner å forlate Amazon AWS® og Google Cloud®

In a must-read article by David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of Basecamp explains: Why they’re leaving the cloud.

Quantum Hosting® has been very vocal about the so-calledpromise of simplificationwhile Amazon AWS® is blocking the port 25 for any new customerNot having the simple ability to send emails from your own EC2 instance (that you pay each minute) is just pure and plain absurdity. This next Amazon AWS® service is better: shut down your screens, and all your IT problems are suddenly solved. 🤡

As the recession is starting to hit companies: it is time to switch to real customer-centric companies at a fair price to reduce expenses. Quantum Hosting® is now offering its service across any provider. Case studies and reviews will be published in the coming months.