Sõna on väljas: ettevõtted hakkavad Amazon AWS-ist® ja Google Cloudist® lahkuma

David Heinemeier Hanssoni kohustuslikus lugemises, the founder of Basecamp explains: Miks nad pilvest lahkuvad?.

Quantum Hosting® has been very vocal about the so-called “lihtsustamise lubadus” while Amazon AWS® is blocking the port 25 igale uuele kliendile… Teil pole lihtsat võimalust saata e-kirju oma EC2 eksemplarist (that you pay each minute) is just pure and plain absurdity. This next Amazon AWS® service is better: shut down your screens, and all your IT problems are suddenly solved. 🤡

As the recession is starting to hit companies: it is time to switch to real customer-centric companies at a fair price to reduce expenses. Quantum Hosting® is now offering its service across any provider. Case studies and reviews will be published in the coming months.