Kohandatud 404-leheküljelise oht

One customer running a single WordPress was using a 4x vCPUs instance on Amazon AWS®. Kuid protsessori ja koormuse kasutamine oli nii suur, ilma nähtavate põhjusteta (külastajate arv oli mõistlik). Kuid: iga 404 käivitas tohutu protsessori ja ribalaiuse tarbimise! Viidi läbi test ja 404 was replaced by a flat and tiny 324 bytes HTML file. The result: the instance size could be divided by two, so halving all expenses (including the bandwidth).

When using a custom 404-page: one should not forget that even a simple dead link to an image will trigger an expensive and huge HTML code being returned to the browser, resulting in sluggish speeds for the visitors as well!

Teisisõnu,: do not do it, even if it looks pretty to the eyes.