There are 1,578 top-level domains

It is time to talk about domain name. The data here is correct as of today: 19 Tháng Mười 2018.

The number of top-level domains keeps growing year by year.

There are 1,578 top-level domains, of which 312 are country-code. Within those 312 country-codes, 19 of them are considered generic by Google:

  • .ad
  • .as
  • .bz
  • .cc
  • .cd
  • .co
  • .dj
  • .fm
  • .io
  • .la
  • .me
  • .ms
  • .nu
  • .sc
  • .sr
  • .su
  • .tv
  • .tk
  • .ws

So you could register a domain name in thosecountries” và not be attached to the said country.

It now leaves (1,578 – 312 =) 1,266 more times to find the available domain name of your dream! Most extensions do not have any restrictions to register.

Tuy nhiên: one must choose carefully.

SpamAssassin considers some extensions has a higher score in spam ranking, those extensions are:

  • .tk
  • .pw
  • .link
  • .rocks
  • .click
  • .work
  • .science
  • .info
  • .me
  • .biz
  • .top
  • .date
  • .trade
  • .stream
  • .bid
  • .pw
  • .press

DKIM, SPF records and DMARC should be enabled on those domains.

Now it is time to give out the best tool to register new domains:

Thank you if you read this post until the end! 😸


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