Anda akan kehilangan data anda satu hari atau yang lain!

Ia menjadi lebih mudah dan mudah untuk mencipta dan menyimpan data, tetapi ia sentiasa mudah untuk kehilangan data. Sebenarnya: Sesetengah ahli sejarah percaya bahawa era digital semasa ini akan menjadikannya lebih sukar untuk menjalankan penyelidikan dan mencari dokumen kerana kemusnahan atau kehilangan data begitu meluas.

Apabila anda menggunakan syarikat hosting tradisional (not cloud): there is a 100% chance that the disk will crash one day or another! It is just a matter of time. As time goes by, your disk is getting closer and closer to their MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) measured in hours. SSDs drives (including NVMe, M.2) have a higher lifetime than mechanical HDD drives but they use another metric: Terabytes Written (TBW), which measures the maximum amount of data that can be written before the drive fails completely.

So regardless of the drive type:

Your disks will fail!

Using RAID does not change anything, as this technician in a datacenter discovered:

Despite using RAID 10: two disks in the array failed within a very short period time before they could get replaced, rendering the entire four disks useless! Very rare!

Said a happy technician to have something exciting to share

The customers were very happy to be the casualty of this rare event, having lost data, and resulting in a 36 hours downtime:

I have lost one week of emails and work, because the newest backup available was 1 week old. The restore of the server was slow because the hosting company did not put SSDs but re-installed normal and cheap HDDs.

Said a clueless customer

There is a reason why Cloud Computing is superior:

  • drives do not fail because the industry’s metric is: data durability
  • you can switch between SSD and HDD without downtime
  • backups can be put in place very easily
  • backups are cheap (sometimes less than $/€/£15 per YEAR)

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