Binance.comのサーバーはどこにありますか? is a very controversial business: a scam for some, or the best crypto-currencies trading platform for others. But where are the servers of located?… Their domain name gives those NS servers (as of today):

They are using Amazon AWS Route 53 service!

The IP addresses returned are (as of today):

Those IP addresses are located in: Tokyo, Japan! They are using EC2 instances.

They do not use IPv6.

Why Japan?… Well the reasons are multiples:

  • Obsviously they want to escape regulatory restrictions in other countries than Japan (like the European Union or the USA).
  • Japan has no censorship when cryptography is used, as guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution in Article 21:

No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.

Japanese Constitution, Article 21

If you want to be hosted in Japan like using Amazon AWS: feel free to contact us!


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