CloudLinux OS is too slow

CloudLinux OS has been invented to throttle (down) the speed of a server, by limiting the maximum CPU amount an account can use. This is was relevant before (when PHP-FPM did not exist) but today it became completely useless. Overall it is even worse: the CPU time used by CloudLinux OS is even slowing down the server even more! 🕓

It is very easy to understand why:

  • let’s say that you have a spike of traffic and you need 20 seconds of CPU time to serve this spike
  • because of the throttling by CloudLinux OS: typically you only have access to 25% of the max CPU (could be even less!) 💩
  • it is now easy to understand that it will take 4 times longer for you to get your 20 seconds of CPU time because of CloudLinux OS. 🐌

You can consider this graphic which sums it up perfectly:

CloudLinux VS non-CloudLinux OS

CloudLinux will take 4 more times