AlibabaCloud DirectMail: So heben Sie die 5 Domain-Limit

AlibabaCloud provides a DirectMail Service (entspricht Amazon SES)! SMTP oder API können verwendet werden, um entweder Batch-E-Mails zu versenden (Mailingliste) oder ausgelöste E-Mails (Auftragsbestätigung, Ticketsystem, etc). Es ist kostengünstig: Der Stückpreis beträgt $0.29 USD pro 1,000 messages with discounts available from 50,000 Nachrichten pro Monat. But the cherry on the top is that: each DirectMail master account is entitled to 200 free email messages per day which is great for small businesses that want high email deliverability (ie: the emails do not go into the spam folder).

At the moment, there are two AlibabaCloud locations for such service: Singapore and Australia, with a limit of 5 domains per location (Also 10 domains per account). This limit was recently reached and a ticket was opened: within 3 days the limit was lifted!

It is definitely a service that you might want to use, especially for any WordPress installation running WooCommerce!

If you need any help with the setup: you can contact us.