Přechod ze starých instancí T2 na instance T3 nebo T3A je možný!

Přechod ze staré instance T2 na instanci T3 nebo T3A sníží náklady o 7% k 12%.


if you have an old T2 instance you cannot switch to a T3 or T3A instance without a migration

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that is: Vytvořte novou instanci a migrujte tam data. This is a real headache for the server configuration and settings. Trying to do so usually result in the following error:

Error launching source instance: InvalidParameterCombination: Enhanced networking with the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) is required for the ‘t3.largeinstance type. Ensure that you are using an AMI that is enabled for ENA.

However we have found out a way to patch any T2 instance AMI and convert it to a T3 or T3A instance. It will work with any instance running CentOS (including WHM®/cPanel®). Contact us if you need such job done! A flat fee per instance will apply.

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